Frank Zampa Jewellery

Branding, Identity, Social Media



Now in its sixth generation, Frank Zampa Jewellery is one of Malta’s oldest and most prestigious names in the diamond and luxury jewellery market. With over a century of experience and a wide-range of international brands, with the likes of Pasquale Bruni, Baccarat and Eberhard & Co in their repertoire, the brand has established itself as an undisputed leader in the field. Notwithstanding the continuous expansion, the company has always kept its core values at heart and keeps this work ethic as the main pillar of their enterprise.


SANCHO® has been servicing Frank Zampa Jewellery with design and marketing services for years, including the brand’s recent digital expansion. In just a few months, the company’s online following quadrupled, managing to secure a very strong presence on the digital and social media. Today, Frank Zampa Jewellery is one of the most followed luxury jewellery stores in Malta and prides itself through its innovative digital campaigns and outreach.