Branding, Identity



Founded in 2015 by chef patrons Luke Piscopo and Isaac Sciberras, Umami aims to deliver a unique culinary experience in Malta. Always searching for the freshest produce on the island, guests at the restaurant are assured of the finest quality. Umami is one of the five basic tastes of the human being, and is described as a pleasant savoury taste. This word, and thus the restaurant’s name derives from two Japanese word ‘umai’ meaning delicious and ‘mi’ meaning taste. And the name is true to the exclusive experience at this Saqqajja Hill eatery.


Approached by Luke and Isaac with this exciting concept, we ensued to create a tailored identity befitting their style of food and plating. Reflecting their excitment and passion for the project, SANCHO® carefully crafted this brand’s clean, white on black appearance.



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